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Updates and amendments are required from time to time; not often thankfully, but when they happen we are quick to respond and alert people where possible.

You won't see these checklists revised often however, because they are not resting on promises or policies. They are founded on the actions exhibited by politicians and parties in recent past. The saying is that "a week is a long time in politics" and for this reason newspapers constantly tell a new story and some electoral guides are out of date before they are even printed. This happens because the story keeps changing. These checklists should not.

If you believe there has been an unfair assessment made, please use the contact form provided.

Elections, Updates and the Reason there was an update (where applicable)

  • 2014 Victoria - Second edition (19.11.14) - Nothing significant. Simply minor errors (typo's)on the back page.
  • 2014 Tasmania - Second edition - Revision edition published. The reason for a second edition for Tasmania is the fact that the Australian Christians are fielding two candidates in this election. In spite of our research we only found this out after the fact.
  • 2013 Federal - Revised edition published.
  • 2012 Queensland - Revised edition published.
  • 2011 New South Wales - Nil required.
  • 2010 Tasmania - Nil required.
  • 2010 South Australia - Nil required.
  • 2010 Victoria - Nil required.
  • 2010 Federal - Revised edition published. The supporting documents were adjusted also. This commentary is an email alert that was sent out by Salt Shakers who are part of our national team that researches and determines the rating given.
  • 2009 Queensland - Revised edition published.
  • 2008 Western Australia - Nil required.
  • 2007 Federal - Nil required.

Current Checklists

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Version 2, Published 19 October 2020 

We base our analysis on the ACTIONS TAKEN and POLICY DOCUMENTS - not the promises currently being rolled out or their answers to specific questions. Our checklists are issue focused and fact based. We are not concerned with appearances - we are interested in facts!

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