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The Australian Christian Values Institute has a goal to renew Australia's Christian Values for the common good. We wish also to achieve this in a true spirit of integrity and humility whilst remaining open and accountable at all times.

We wish to provide the Australian people with practical resources that will help them attain a greater understanding of how to apply the teachings of Jesus Christ to our nation. When we do what Jesus wants it is always for the common good of all. We believe that the teachings of Jesus Christ can help both the individual and families, as well as media, arts, justice, business, labour relations, church and government.

The teachings of Jesus Christ and the rest of the Scriptures provide the foundation for what is commonly called the Judeo-Christian Ethic. The Judeo-Christian framework is the basis for all Australian laws and our democratic form of government. The Judeo-Christian Ethic is another way to describe Christian Values. The main function of the Australian Christian Values Institute is to promote, teach and encourage the renewal of our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; that is, the cornerstone of our nation.We are inspired to this mission in part by the wisdom of Proverbs 29:18: "Where there is no vision the people perish but he that keeps the law is happy." It is foundational to the welfare of our nation that we reaffirm Australia's commitment to Judeo-Christian values. These values are the cornerstone of our nation's prosperity for the common good.


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Version 2, Published 19 October 2020 

We base our analysis on the ACTIONS TAKEN and POLICY DOCUMENTS - not the promises currently being rolled out or their answers to specific questions. Our checklists are issue focused and fact based. We are not concerned with appearances - we are interested in facts!

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